About Us

Why choose Saacks Orthodontics?

Our promise is to recommend the best treatment option to give you the healthiest smile possible. A customised treatment plan will give you confidence in your smile and in life.

The Saacks Orthodontics difference

With 25 years orthodontics experience in the USA and Australia, Dr Eric Saacks is trained in both orthodontics and periodontics. This positions Dr Saacks as a leading authority in specialty orthodontics and one of a small number of specialists worldwide.

The Saacks Orthodontics team

The Saacks Orthodontics team use the latest technology and advanced treatments to create the healthiest smile possible. We offer holistic patient treatment, customised care and exceptional service.

Family friendly flexible payment plans

Saacks Orthodontics give you life long smiles thanks to our transformational treatments. Flexible interest free payment plans can be tailored to your family’s needs. From the very beginning, our team will help you feel fully informed about your financial options before committing to any treatment plans.

Keeping you involved and informed

We involve you and your family at every stage and keep you informed about your ongoing orthodontic care. We work together to understand your needs and create the outcome you desire. Our treatment coordinator makes your safety, health and comfort a top priority. Share your questions or concerns with us at any time and we’ll put your mind at ease.