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View PDF spread What age should my child visit an orthodontist? Orthodontics Australia recommend an orthodontic assessment between the ages of 7 and 9, or earlier if you notice any issues. At this initial check-up, we can identify potential problems and, if needed, intervene early while the jaw and teeth are still developing. Signs something’s

Saacks Children's Orthodontics

How has the evolution of orthodontics made it easier to achieve a beautiful smile? Orthodontic treatment not only provides straight teeth and confident smiles, but also healthier teeth and gums, improved jaw and facial structure, and reduced breathing problems. At Saacks Orthodontics, we utilise modern appliances that provide patients with a range of benefits: Shorter

Healthy Happy Smile

When people want a happier smile and a healthier mouth, why should they see a Specialist Orthodontist? Only an Orthodontist has been specifically trained and is the most qualified and experienced person to ensure you, or your child, ends up with a healthy and confident smile. Specialist Orthodontists complete an additional three years of full-time

Sleep disorder orthodontics

How can Orthodontics help? Children who don’t breathe properly can experience a range of problems from headaches and trouble sleeping, to developmental issues with their teeth, jaw and face. A recent industry paper stated, “Orthodontic treatments that positively impact the airway and breathing can lead to a healthier and longer life.” Dr Saacks tells us

Early Intervention Orthodontics

You’ve left the toddler tantrums far behind you and navigated your way through the early years of school. Before the middle years approach it’s time to think about teeth. Whether the tooth fairy is a regular visitor or a fly by night – a timely assessment is tipped by the Australian Orthodontics Association as the

Invisalign is a revelation in orthodontics and it serves the purpose of re-aligning your teeth and jaw using removable clear aligners Invisalign is a great parallel to braces that is often chosen by adults who work in a professional environment. How do they work? Using 3d image scanning your orthodontist will custom fit you for

Have you thought about undergoing orthodontic treatment, but are worried that you are too old or you will be stuck with a mouth full of metal? Braces have become less intrusive and no longer involve bulky metal brackets that must be worn at all hours. With the continual advancements in the field of orthodontics, braces

Orthodontic treatment has come a long way since the dawn of traditional metal braces, now contemporary orthodontic treatments are discreet and as practical as possible In today’s fast paced, career driven society, many patients want to straighten their teeth invisibly, but still achieve the same outcome as the results-focused traditional metal braces. With the continual

The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommends children should be examined by an orthodontist at around the age of seven Orthodontic problems are usually apparent by the age of seven, when most of the adult front teeth have come through. To create a smile that lasts a lifetime, children need teeth that are straight and jaws

A specialist orthodontist can spot subtle problems with jaw growth and emerging teeth in young children, even while some baby teeth are still present. It’s call interceptive orthodontics. Saacks Orthodontics is the leading specialist practice on the mid-north coast and recommend parents have their children assessed when they are seven or eight years old. At