How do braces work for adults?

Have you thought about undergoing orthodontic treatment, but are worried that you are too old or you will be stuck with a mouth full of metal?

Braces have become less intrusive and no longer involve bulky metal brackets that must be worn at all hours. With the continual advancements in the field of orthodontics, braces and appliances are now better than ever before. There are even options for adults to get virtually invisible braces, ensuring no one will know you are even wearing them.

What are the options for adult braces at Saacks Orthodontics?

Traditional braces

Over the years traditional braces have come a long way. From the generic face full of metal stereotype to the thinner, lighter and far more concealable braces and aligners we have now. They work by having individual brackets strategically bonded to affected teeth, which are then all held together with a small wire.

Over the course of the treatment, which for adults can be between 18-36 months, the wire around the brackets will be tightened to gradually move your teeth into a correct position.


Suitable for both teens and adults Invisalign is one of the greatest advancements in orthodontics to date. Invisalign works using smart force technology, by straightening your teeth using clear removable aligners that exert mild pressure to the desired area.

Invisalign also reduces mouth irritation and oral sores associated with traditional braces. It also limits the amount of time spent in the dental chair, and because the aligners are removable you can continue to eat your favourite foods.

Many adults choose to go with Invisalign as they are a non-intrusive option to straighten your teeth, while still working quickly with as little discomfort as possible.

Insignia System

The Insignia system offers a fast and comfortable treatment that is tailored to your needs. Using an advanced 3D representation of your bite, the people at insignias smile lab will develop custom made wires and braces.

With braces and wires tailored to your dental needs we are able to use a 3D representation tool to show you what your teeth will look like when the treatment is done. This ensures you are happy with your transformation before we even start.

Insignia is great for adults as the personalised treatment is fast, accurate and delivers predictable results. Because of this, patients generally see a reduction in time spent wearing braces.

Speed braces

Speed braces are the latest in orthodontics care. They are smaller than standard braces, which results in less trapped food so oral hygiene is easier to maintain. They use a spring clip that is made of an elastic material that acts like a computer chip inside the braces.

Speed braces work by following programmed instructions that apply a light continuous force to gently move the patient’s teeth to the correct position. This means that check-ups will happen less often than with traditional braces.

Things to consider before getting braces as an adult?

The duration of adult orthodontic treatment can be anywhere from six months to three years, depending on the severity of your issue and the type of treatment you choose. Over this time, we will need to see you every 4-6 weeks to make sure that the treatment is going well and, if needed, occasionally tighten the wire around the braces. We understand that you can be very busy but this will make sure your teeth and jaw are always moving towards the correct position.

Another consideration may be whether to use braces or aligners. Most adults choose to use clear aligners as they are a great, lifestyle friendly choice for straighter teeth faster. But, for some patients, aligners won’t be sufficient and braces will be required to achieve best results.

The treatment of choice for adults is typically the ones which deliver results quickly and with as little discomfort as possible. Braces-free treatments like Invisalign and Insignia aligners tend to influence adults to visit the orthodontist because they sound much better than brackets and wires.

Saacks Orthodontics can help straighten your teeth without interrupting your busy schedule

Dr Saacks and the team are certified and highly trained to provide the best patient care available so that they can provide you with the perfect smile. We offer the most advanced orthodontic treatments available.

More adults are getting braces, as treatments become more discrete and easier to access. If you would like to know more about braces for adults or to book an appointment, please contact Saacks Orthodontics today.