A confident smile for life

How has the evolution of orthodontics made it easier to achieve a beautiful smile?

Orthodontic treatment not only provides straight teeth and confident smiles, but also healthier teeth and gums, improved jaw and facial structure, and reduced breathing problems.

At Saacks Orthodontics, we utilise modern appliances that provide patients with a range of benefits:

  • Shorter treatment time – faster movement of teeth and less time in braces or Invisalign
  • Aesthetically pleasing – appliances are less noticeable in your mouth
  • Normal speech – reduced impact on the quality of your speech
  • Increased comfort – sleeker, lower-profile appliances with smooth surfaces making them more comfortable to wear
  • Oral hygiene – easier to clean the appliances and your teeth, resulting in good oral health
  • Fewer and faster practice visits – saving you time
  • Better results – more effective, lifelong outcomes
  • One example is the Carriere system, which is shifting the way we think about orthodontics.

What is the Carriere system?

Carriere is a simpler, more comfortable way to prepare for treatment at the beginning of treatment. Before a patient can get their braces or Invisalign, orthodontic treatment is often required to get the mouth ready, such as alignment work and tooth extractions. That’s where Carriere comes in. The discrete Carriere Motion Appliance corrects misalignment while attaching to only three teeth. Treatment with this appliance typically only takes three to four months, delivering highly visible results in significantly less time than traditional orthodontic procedures, and often avoiding the need for tooth extraction.

How does the Carriere appliances work?

Carriere uses an appliance called a distaliser which is attached to teeth at the top, and is then connected via a small elastic band to an anchor appliance on a bottom tooth. The individually sized brackets, which come in a range of colours, can be fitted more naturally on the teeth. This system delivers a light, uniform movement to prepare the mouth for treatment. Carriere involves less time in the chair, faster results and improved treatment outcomes – meaning a straighter, happier, healthier smile in a shorter time frame!

Who is Carriere best suited to?

We offer free consultations for all new patients, so make an appointment with our friendly team to find out if Carriere could be right for you. Remember, age 7 is the best time to come in and see us so orthodontic treatment can correct the jaw and mouth as it develops.