Focus magazine Port Macquarie interview

Focus magazine Port Macquarie December 2015 issue – half page editorial
Extract from the interview by focus magazine, Port Macquarie December 2015 issue.
We caught up with Dr Eric Saacks, specialist orthodontist and periodontist to talk about the different types of orthodontic treatments.

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Saacks Orthodontics Focus magazine Port Macquarie interview

Why do you offer a wide choice of orthodontic treatments?

It has been a founding principle of Saacks Orthodontics. We don’t work for manufacturers of braces and orthodontic systems. We put our clients first and will only recommend the treatment course which will result in the best possible end result. In some instances it is a combination of different systems. We only use the very best braces and aligners. Our commitment to quality always pays huge dividends in the final result: truly healthy smiles.

Healthy smiles are your speciality?

Absolutely. We never recommend a purely cosmetic procedure at the expense of healthy gums and a correct bite. The most pleasing thing about being a specialist is to see the confidence a healthy smile can bring to people of all ages – young, children, teens and adults. In recent years more adults are realising they can achieve the smile they have always wanted.

Does Saacks Orthodontics offer invisible braces?

We have been using Invisalign and the Damon system for many years – these are clear aligners, almost invisible at first glance. While they are extremely effective and ideal in many instances they aren’t perfect for all cases. If we believe better results can be achieved with another orthodontic treatment we will carefully explain the alternatives to our patient. We also offer Insignia and increasingly Speed Braces and other highly customised treatments or a combination of systems. Although the cosmetic side of what we do is important, being a specialist orthodontist and periodontist means I am committed, above all else, to producing healthy smiles.

You are one of a handful of dual trained specialists in both Orthodontics and Periodontics.

Yes, I trained as a dentist and was fascinated with gum disease (periodontics) and later spent a further three years studying to become an orthodontist. It does mean that when patients are referred to Saacks Orthodontics we can assess the problems from a broad knowledge base and therefore customise each treatment. We certainly don’t offer a “one system fits all” approach. Smiles are as individual as finger prints.

So how do you determine what treatment is best for each patient?

The only way we can recommend the best treatment is to invite any potential new patient into the practice for a thorough orthodontic consultation. We allow up to an hour for each consultation. It’s completely free and without obligation. Only when we have chatted to the patient (and parents in the case of younger children) and examined any X-rays or digital images and sometimes consulted with their regular dentist can we discuss our comprehensive treatment proposal. It covers the orthodontic system recommended, length of treatment time and payment options.

Finally, any Christmas message from Saacks Orthodontics?

Keep on smiling, it’s confidence therapy.

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