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Finding the right orthodontist for you in Bondi Junction

If you are looking for an orthodontist in Bondi Junction who is a specialist, who can take care of you and your family’s orthodontic needs; Dr Saacks can help you. With over 20 years’ of experience treating patients, Dr Eric Saacks is a specialist orthodontist and periodontist who can provide you with the best orthodontic treatment for you. At saacks orthodontics, we offer braces and aligners treatments for patients of all ages.

Early Intervention Orthodontics

Patients between 7 and 11 are typically too young for orthodontics, because all their teeth haven’t erupted. During this time their dental anatomy can be checked and Dr Saacks can assess whether your child requires early intervention orthodontics or a check-up in a year’s time.

If your child does need early intervention orthodontics, this treatment can prevent your child from needing orthodontics later in life.

Braces for teens

The ideal age for braces is between 12 and 18.  By age 12, most of your teenager’s adult teeth should have erupted and it will be apparent whether they need braces or not. Some teenagers are put off by the idea of metal braces, while others see it simply as a sign of growing up. And now with coloured bands and elastics, teenagers are able to customise the look of their braces to suit them.

Teenagers who prefer to avoid braces also have the options of Invisalign for teens as well as Insignia aligners. These braces-free treatments are discreet, and lifestyle friendly.

Braces for adults

As orthodontic treatments have become more sleek, less obvious and with faster treatment times, more adults are getting orthodontic treatment. With orthodontic systems such as Damon, Insignia, SPEED and Invisalign, adult patients can get the treatment results they want without years of wearing metal brackets and wires.

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*x-rays—which are often required to assess your dental anatomy—incur a fee.