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The Australian Society of Orthodontists (ASO) recently conducted a study which shows that attitudes towards dental health has changed significantly.
Visiting the dentist or orthodontist has such a negative stigma attached to it but at Saacks Orthodontists in Port Macquarie, we are changing the way our patients feel about their visits.
Leaving your teeth unaligned and uncared for can affect your overall bodily health.
The Australian Society of Orthodontists recommend a child should be examined by an orthodontist at around the age of seven “Orthodontic problems are usually apparent by the age of seven, when most of the adult front teeth have erupted.”
At Saacks Orthodontics, Port Macquarie we think that dental hygiene and properly aligned teeth should be a priority for most parents.
We caught up with Dr Eric Saacks, specialist orthodontist and periodontist to talk about the different types of orthodontic treatments.
Children who mouth breathe do not have their tongue resting in the roof of the mouth resulting in the jaws getting pushed inwards.

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